Why MedPlacer?

“Bar none, the best search firm I’ve worked with! The communication and response times were phenomenal.”
Mark W – Chief Nursing Officer – North Carolina

“We had been searching for the right Management professional for six months. The MedPlacer group provided us with three unbelievable professionals in one week and we made an offer within a month.”
Stacy S -Director of HR – South Carolina

“Thanks for everything. You and your team are wonderful! I appreciate you taking time on a Saturday to help me prepare for my interview. The extra’s made the difference. You’re great!”
Jennifer H – Director of Emergency Room Services

“I had been stagnant in my position for years. You really helped me understand my strengths and what I could offer! Cheers to my new position!”
Charlotte W – Director of Surgical Services

“You are a top notch group of professionals. You made me look good! Thanks a million!”
Leanne S - Employment Manager - Louisiana

“You guys always seem to be one step ahead of everything. I never had to ask for anything, it was already in front of me. Wow!
Where do you find these candidates? Can you share your secretes with me?”
Janice M – Director of Human Resources – Tennessee