Message from our founders


Welcome to MedPlacer! We thank you for your interest in learning more about MedPlacer and we invite you to explore the many interesting facets of our firm. Since our founding, we have helped hundreds of healthcare professionals advance their careers. MedPlacer’s “formula” is simple: We hire and retain the best available talent; provide a stable, inviting and rewarding work environment; and contribute to our clients’ success, allowing them to focus on what they do best, treating patients. This winning combination yields positive results that allow us to prosper with our clients and perpetuate our own business. Our success lies in our core Guiding Principles, unique partnership approach, exceptional search processes and communication skills.

The MedPlacer team is united by a common purpose – “the commitment to advancing the quality of healthcare within the United States by providing healthcare systems with superior communication and customer service”. This purpose defines our firms’ fundamental reason for existence, and our Guiding Principles provide direction for every decision we make as an organization.

These Guiding Principles are:

Our Guiding Principles are the core values that define us, as a business and as individuals, and we have all worked diligently to incorporate them into our company culture.

We invite you to take a few minutes to explore our website. We’re sure you will be favorably impressed.

We welcome your questions or comments, call us at (615) 469-5111.

Jeff E McCracken / Founding Partner
Jeff Henry / Founding Partner